Which Mobile Is Better Than Realme XT?

Is it good to buy Realme XT?

overall: Shifting from iPhone 7, I found this phone no less in the matter of Camera, Display, Battery etc.

But Realme xt has given me more freedom and better all-round experience.

Service of flipkart delivery team (ekart) is very good as always.

The display is a good one, the super AMOLED does it’s part..

Is Realme XT a good phone?

The 16-megapixel front camera on the Realme XT does a decent job with selfies. The beauty mode isn’t too aggressive and HDR works well. Details are also quite good. In low light, the phone captures usable images with decent skin tones.

Which brand is better xiaomi or Realme?

Realme has since launched several smartphones that compete with Xiaomi’s offerings both in terms of the features as well as pricing. At the moment, Realme has smartphones starting at ₹5,999 and going all the way up to ₹34,999. In comparison, Xiaomi’s smartphone portfolio starts at ₹4,299 and goes up to ₹29,999.

Is Realme XT a gaming phone?

The Snapdragon 712 is built on a 10nm node and has four Cortex A75 derivatives at 2.3GHz and four cores based on the Cortex A55 running at 1.7GHz. … If you game a lot, Realme is making a gaming-focused edition dubbed the Realme XT 730G that is powered by the Snapdragon 730G and 30W fast charging.

Is Realme XT waterproof?

The smartphone come with an IP68 rating which makes them dust and water resistant.