What Is The $GetCurrent Folder?

Do I need SWSetup folder?

The SWSetup folder contains the installation files for all your drivers and updates.

You do not need this folder, but you should definitely back it up..

Is it OK to delete Windows BT?

~BT and $Windows. ~WS are temporary folders and can be safely deleted. … If you need to delete more files and folders after the upgrade to Windows 10, you could search for Disk Cleanup, right-click on it, and select Run as administrator. You will see an option Previous Windows installation.

Is Windows bt safe to delete?

It exists at the root of your system drive. To see it, enable viewing hidden folders in Windows 10. The $WINDOWS. ~BT folder can be safely deleted.

What Windows folders can I delete?

What can I delete from Windows folder1] Windows Temporary Folder. The Temporary folder is available at C:\Windows\Temp. … 2] Hibernate File. Hibernate file is used by Windows to keep the current state of the OS. … 3] Windows. old folder. … 4] Downloaded Program Files. … 5] Prefetch. … 6] Fonts. … 7] SoftwareDistribution folder. … 8] Offline Web Pages.More items…•

Can I delete $GetCurrent folder?

The $GetCurrent directory is created during the upgrade process. … Assuming you don’t need to review the log files stored here and you’ve finished installing the latest Windows Update, this folder is safe to remove. In theory, Windows should automatically delete these files itself after 30 days at most.

What is the Windows10Upgrade folder?

The “C:\Windows10Upgrade” folder is created when you install the Windows 10 Update Assistant to update to the latest version of Windows 10. The “C:\Windows10Upgrade” folder is usually only around 19.9 MB in size, and contains the program files for the Windows 10 Update Assistant app.

What will happen if I delete Windows folder?

If you delete Windows/System32 then you will delete your operating system and you will have to reinstall Windows. … Some versions (64-bit) Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10, the System directory is not used. My 64-bit Windows 7 PC has an empty System directory.

Is it safe to delete ESD folder?

Windows ESD Installation Files Are Important On Windows 10, there’s now a “Windows ESD installation files” option here. Deleting it can free a few gigabytes of hard disk space. … If you delete these files, you’ll have more disk space–but you won’t have the files necessary to reset your PC.

What is Windows bt folder?

On Windows 10 ~BT folder contains your previous Windows installation. These files are used to downgrade to a previous version of Windows, or a previous build of Windows 10. It’s similar to the Windows. old folder, which contains files from your previous Windows installation. … It also contains log files.

Can I delete program data folder?

You shouldn’t delete these, the Program Data files are files stored by the Applications you have installed on your computer. If you delete them, it will cause those programs to crash.

Is it safe to remove Windows10Upgrade folder?

If Windows upgrade process went through successfully and the system is working fine, you can safely remove this folder. To delete Windows10Upgrade folder, simply uninstall the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant tool. Open Windows Settings (WinKey + i), Apps and Features.

What is the system Sav folder?

The system. sav folder is created with some brand name computers, including Hewlett Packard and Compaq. The folder contains a snapshot of your current configuration should you need to Factory Restore.

What is Windows ESD folder?

ESD is for electronic software delivery. Microsoft uses it to deliver OS install files to pc from internet connection. It is compressed file. … Windows users can use ISO files loaded on DVD/USB to install OS.

Can I delete package cache folder?

Yes, you can delete that folder. Personally, I would recommend that you do not delete anything in the ProgramData folder, but you can absolutely delete anything you want. That package cache folder contains the installer file (MSI package) for various programs that are installed on your computer.

Can I delete users folder in C drive?

3 Answers. Yes, you can delete the left over user account folder and nothing will happen. Windows leaves it to protect the data of the old user. If you delete a user account from the control panel, it asks whether you want to keep the personal files of the user or not.