Quick Answer: What Does Key To The City Do Wow?

How do you get the key to the city in stratholme?

In Stratholme, you will need the Key to the City to open the side entrance, allowing you to start from the undead side of the instance.

The key drops from Magistrate Barthilas in the service entrance.

Rogues can lock pick the door at lockpicking 275..

How do you get a Strat key?

You have to go into strat and kill a boss to get the key, so you’ll have to go through human strat to get it on the undead side or get someone else with the key.

Do you need a key for Strat live?

Stratholme living also known as Strat Live, is a dungeon for levels 56-60. … You should note that to complete the dungeon fully, you will need a The Scarlet Key which comes from Scarlet Monastery Library.

How do I get to the elder square in stratholme?

Elders’ Square is located inside Stratholme Undead Side, just past the instance portal of the servant entrance. It leads to the Gauntlet north through a gate, and going through this gate will activate the 45-minute timer to save Ysida Harmon.