Quick Answer: Was Can’T Stop The Feeling Written For Trolls?

Why did Justin Timberlake write can’t stop the feeling?

This uptempo disco-pop soul-popsong was written as a soundtrack for the animated movie ‘Trolls’.

Justin provides the voice of a troll called ‘Brunch’ on the movie, he is the executive producer of the soundtrack.

Timberlake wrote this song with Shellback and Max Martin who he hadn’t worked with since he was with NSYNC..

Who wrote can’t stop the feeling?

Justin TimberlakeMax MartinShellbackCan’t Stop the Feeling!/Composers

Can’t stop the feeling release date?

2016Can’t Stop The Feeling!/Released

What year did Trolls movie come out?

October 27, 2016 (Russia)Trolls/Release date

Who is in Justin Timberlake’s dance video?

Cast (in credits order)Justin Timberlake…Justin TimberlakeCristy Joy…Laundromat LadyStevie Mack…BarberPaloma Morales…Diner WaitressDavid Moskowitz…Car Wash Dave13 more rows

Was can’t stop the feeling made for trolls?

“Can’t Stop the Feeling!” is a song by American singer Justin Timberlake. It was released on May 6, 2016, for it to be the lead single for the soundtrack to the film Trolls (2016), for which Timberlake voiced the character “Branch” and served as the executive music producer.

What movie was can’t stop the feeling in?

TrollsCan’t Stop the Feeling!/Movie

What genre is can’t stop the feeling?

PopCan’t Stop the Feeling!/Genres

Why did Justin Timberlake stop singing?

And we learned why–he hasn’t stopped doing music; he’s started doing something else. … Let me put it this way: My favorite thing in the world was to make people sing–until I made people laugh. Then that became my favorite thing in the world.

How old is Justin Timberlake?

39 years (January 31, 1981)Justin Timberlake/Age

Who sings the song Hooked on a Feeling?

Björn SkifsHooked on a Feeling/Artists

Did Justin Timberlake wrote can’t stop the feeling for trolls?

Justin TimberlakeMax MartinShellbackCan’t Stop the Feeling!/Lyricists