Quick Answer: How Do I Screen Share On Discord With Sound?

How do I stream audio on discord?

Select the Desktop Audio (or Desktop Audio 2) dropdown menu and select the audio source.

If you are using headphones to stream and you are listening to your Discord audio through these headphones then select that option.

Or, select your computer speakers from the list..

Why is there no sound when I screen share on discord?

One of the most common causes of the Discord no audio problem during screen sharing is the missing or outdated audio driver. You can update your device drivers manually, if you’re happy to do them one at a time. … Driver Easy will then scan your computer and detect any problem drivers.

Can you screen share in a discord server?

You and up to 9 friends can simultaneously screen share on the discord server. At one time, 10 Discord users can conduct a live video chat, while they all are sharing their desktop screens, simultaneously.

Can you play music through discord?

Discord supports both text and voice channels, and with a music bot, you can have a bot join a voice channel and stream music live from YouTube, SoundCloud, and plenty of other sources. However, creating a Discord music bot can be a long and painful process.

Can you screen share Hulu on discord?

Discord uses a screen sharing to that’s integrated into its app, allowing you to broadcast your Hulu stream to up your friends. That means only one Hulu account is needed to get started sharing. The Go Live feature allows you to share your screen with dozens of people in your voice channel.

Zoom, which has traditionally been focused on business functionality like video conference meetings, declined to comment, while Discord, generally a platform for gamers to organize and chat while they play online together, provided a statement through a spokesperson indicating that “streaming copyrighted content on …

Is screen sharing Netflix illegal?

Yes, it is illegal to share Netflix your account. In fact, if you share it with enough people long enough it becomes a felony. … Even if you share your Netflix account with only one other person, Netflix won’t like it, however they probably won’t sue or seek criminal prosecution.

How do I enable sound on discord stream?

Solution 2: Add your ActivityLaunch the Discord application and navigate to its Settings.Once in the settings, click on the entry of games at the left navigation bar. … You can go to Game Activity and Add the application in which the audio is not sharing properly while sharing the screen.More items…•

Can you stream Netflix on discord?

Discord won’t automatically recognize anything besides a game as something streamable. … Streaming it much the same as streaming a game, but it can be just about anything you can do in a web browser. For example, I’ve demonstrated her how you could use it to stream Netflix for your friends to watch with you.

Can I screen share on discord mobile?

Screen Share on Discord Mobile (iPhone, iPad, and Android) The gaming communication application added a video calling feature in Discord, which lets you share your webcam and microphone on any voice channel. Fortunately, the feature supports Android and iOS mobile operating systems.

Why is my screen share black on discord?

This won’t happen often, but there may be a time when something goes wrong and Discord displays a black screen when you’re streaming from the application. Common causes of this issue are graphics driver update issues, problems with improper Discord settings, or issues with recent updates. But don’t worry.

Is screen sharing a movie Illegal?

It’s illegal and shouldn’t be done, just because you aren’t sending a “file”, you’re still sharing the content just in a different way.