Quick Answer: Does Cdkeys Refund?

How do I cancel an order on Cdkeys?

Yes, You can cancel the order if you havent accessed the key.

Go to there website.

To the bottom of the site.

There are some options to contact them..

How do CDkeys get their codes?

Their keys come from bundles, giveaways, they can be gifts etc. These codes, like all codes, were generated by developers and publishers, so they are legit. Since these sellers just want to get rid of a few spare codes quickly, they often set lower prices.

Is CDKeys better than g2a?

G2A is shady because it’s essentially a marketplace that anyone can submit keys to. So its hard to be sure that the key you’re buying isnt bought with a stolen credit card for example. CDKeys doesn’t allow users to sell keys, they source everything themselves. For the most they sell retail keys from cheaper regions.

Is CDKeys GREY market?

CDKeys is a gray market seller. People may not have had any issues with them, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s the equivalent of buying a TV from someone’s trunk.

Does CDKeys work in America?

Nope, it has to be global.

Why does CDKeys need my phone number?

Like they said, they do it for security to make sure YOU aren’t the scammer. CDKeys is pretty reliable, I’ve purchased a lot of games from them through the years. Yeah I did the phone verification the first time, no big deal.

Is g2a illegal?

Yes, G2A is legit. A game developer cannot dictate where you can buy its products, and there is nothing illegal about buying a game key for less than the retail price. … It is also possible that you could buy a non-working game key on G2A.

How long does Cdkeys take to refund?

The money will be refunded using your original payment method. Please note that refunds can take between 7 to 10 business days to show on your statement. If the product has been redeemed or you have initiated the refund request after 7 calendar days have passed you will not be eligible for a refund.

Is Cdkeys legit 2020?

Yes, CDKeys is a legit and safe place to buy game keys.

How do I contact Cdkeys?

Contact UsCustomer Service.support@cdkeys.com.+1 (855) 534-4806.

Is CDkeys trustable?

Legit as in “Working as intended” No other third-party key reseller has a reputation such as CDkeys.com, and the keys you will find on their website will almost always work without problems. Therefore, in terms of working as intended, CDkeys definitely is a legit, reliable and trustworthy platform.

How do I get a refund from CDKeys?

Refund requests have to be submitted within 7 days of the delivery of the key by the Vendor to the Purchaser or Customer. If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, please get in touch with us by logging a support ticket at support.cdkeys.com.