Quick Answer: Does A Nonagon Have Equal Sides?

How much sides is a Nonagon?

In geometry, a nonagon (/ˈnɒnəɡɒn/) or enneagon (/ˈɛniəɡɒn/) is a nine-sided polygon or 9-gon.

The name nonagon is a prefix hybrid formation, from Latin (nonus, “ninth” + gonon), used equivalently, attested already in the 16th century in French nonogone and in English from the 17th century..

What are the properties of a Nonagon?

Convex polygonEquilateral polygonIsotoxal figureIsogonal figureCyclicNonagon/Properties

Which shape has no line of symmetry?

ParallelogramParallelogram. A parallelogram has no lines of symmetry.

What is the shape with the most sides?

myriagonMyriagonRegular myriagonTypeRegular polygonEdges and vertices10000Schläfli symbol{10000}, t{5000}, tt{2500}, ttt{1250}, tttt{625}Coxeter diagram5 more rows

What is shaped like a Nonagon?

A nonagon is a nine-sided polygon. You may recall that a polygon is a many-sided shape. We use the suffix -gon to indicate the number of sides of a polygon….Definition of a Nonagon.NameNumber of Sideshexagon6heptagon7octagon8nonagon94 more rows

How do you say Nonagon?

The right way to pronounce the word com licença in Portuguese is?co-lee-sensah.col-ee-sen-sah.coll-ees-ens-ahh.

What is a Nonagon in math?

The nonagon, also known as an enneagon, is a 9-sided polygon. Although the term “enneagon” is perhaps preferable (since it uses the Greek prefix and suffix instead of the mixed Roman/Greek nonagon), the term “nonagon,” which is simpler to spell and pronounce, is used in this work.

Is a Nonagon symmetrical?

Symmetry in a regular nonagon A regular nonagon has 9 lines of symmetry and a rotational symmetry of order 9, meaning that it can be rotated in such a way that it will look the same as the original shape 9 times in 360°. Nine 40° of rotation about the center.

What is a 69 sided shape called?

Systematic polygon namesTensOnes60hexaconta-670heptaconta-780octaconta-890enneaconta-95 more rows

Which shape has 2 lines of symmetry?

RectangleRectangle. A rectangle has two lines of symmetry. It has rotational symmetry of order two.

What is a 200 sided shape called?

dihectogonWhat is the name of a polygon with…?#Name of the Polygon + Geometric Drawing80 sidesoctacontagon90 sidesenneacontagon100 sideshectogon200 sidesdihectogon53 more rows

Does a heart shape have sides?

The heart curve is a closed curve, which has the shape of a heart. … A heart figure develops also if you set two semi-circles upon a triangle. But here you get two unpleasant corners. Obviously you expect that these sides are rounded.

What is a 7 sided shape?

A six-sided shape is a hexagon, a seven-sided shape a heptagon, while an octagon has eight sides… Polygon Names. The names of polygons are derived from the prefixes of ancient Greek numbers.

What is the measure of each interior angle of a regular Nonagon which has 9 sides?

The General RuleShapeSidesEach AngleOctagon8135°Nonagon9140°………Any Polygonn(n−2) × 180° / n6 more rows

How many diagonals does a 16 gon have?

104Thus the set of diagonals is the larger set minus its complementary set, or n Choose 2, minus n. A hexadecagon has 16 sides, thus the number of diagonals will be 16 choose 2, minus 16 = 104.

What is a 10 sided shape?

decagonIn geometry, a decagon (from the Greek δέκα déka and γωνία gonía, “ten angles”) is a ten-sided polygon or 10-gon. The total sum of the interior angles of a simple decagon is 1440°.

What is a 99 sided shape called?

EnneacontagonIn geometry, an enneacontagon or enenecontagon or 90-gon (from Ancient Greek ἑννενήκοντα, ninety) is a ninety-sided polygon. The sum of any enneacontagon’s interior angles is 15840 degrees.

What’s a 13 sided shape called?

tridecagonIn geometry, a tridecagon or triskaidecagon or 13-gon is a thirteen-sided polygon.

Which alphabet has no line of symmetry?

Letters like B and D have a horizontal line of symmetry: their top and bottom parts match. Some letters, for example, X, H, and O, have both vertical and horizontal lines of symmetry. And some, like P, R, and N, have no lines of symmetry.