Quick Answer: Can I Have 2 Accounts In Shopee?

Can I have two Shopee accounts?

Yes you can login to your Shopee account on multiple devices at the same time – your likes, comments, listings and purchases will be synced.

To make sure you logged in to the correct account, we do suggest you to login using your registered phone number directly..

Why is my Shopee account banned?

Account limitations may be imposed on users that have violated Shopee Terms and Conditions or suspected to have engaged in one or more of the following activities: Fake order creation. Voucher abuse. Subsidy and rebates abuse.

Why is Shopee so cheap?

Shopee delivers the product in time and also no charges for delivery. Shopee also provides easy return policy, you will get a refund for your product within 3-4 days. … This is the only main reason why Shopee is one of the cheapest online stores.

Does Shopee sell fake?

Shopee Mall Means 100% Authentic So anyone can expect 100% authenticity of the items bought from Shopee Mall.

How do I rate my product on Shopee?

InformationNow you can rate a buyer once the order is completed. Here is how: Step 1: Go to your “Me” tab and tap on “My Sales”.Step 2: Scroll to “Completed”, tap “Rate” to rate a Buyer.Step 3: Rate the Buyer.

How do I add another Shopee account?

Step 1: Tap the tool gear icon in Me tab, then tap “Bank Account/Cards” under Account Settings. Step 2: Select “Add New Bank Account” under Bank Accounts/Cards page. Step 3: A verification code will be sent via SMS. Enter the verification code, and tap “Continue”.

How do I transfer my Shopee coins to another account?

Turn on the switch in your Shopping Cart to start spending your Shopee Coins! Shopee Coins cannot be exchanged for cash or transferred to another account.

How do I remove my number from Shopee?

Below are the steps to delete your account. 1) Log into the Shopee Mobile Application (account deletion is not available on PC Mall and Seller Centre). Click on the “Me” tab and then “Account Setting”. 2) Click on “Request Account Deletion” at the bottom of the page.

How do I change my Shopee phone number?

More videos on YouTubeStep 1: Tap “My Profile” under Account Settings.Step 2: Tap “Phone” under Edit Profile, then tap “Edit”.Step 3: Enter your new mobile number, then tap Continue.Step 4: A verification code will be sent to you. … Step 1: Tap “Forgot?” if you forgot your mobile number.More items…•

Can you get scammed on Shopee?

Shopee eliminates any scams or fraud attempts through the use of the Shopee Guarantee function. Shopee Guarantee is a secure payment service where all payments will flow through Shopee, where it will stay and be released only after both buyers and sellers have fulfilled their commitments.

How do you become a Shopee preferred seller?

How do I qualify for the Preferred Seller programme?Build up a strong sales record.Offer excellent customer service and reply to chats promptly.Fulfil all orders quickly and reliably.Comply with Shopee’s seller policies and maintain a clean penalty record.Achieve high shop and product ratings.

How do you put a password on Shopee?

Click into “Change Password” at “My Account”.Enter your current password for security purposes.Choose a preferred method to verify yourself to continue the process.Enter the verification code sent to the registered method (phone or email).Enter your preferred new password and click save.More items…

How does Shopee earn from sellers?

The commission fees is a fee levied on the product listing price sold by all Shopee Mall sellers for Shopee to be able to sustain our business model and strive to provide the best service to buyer and sellers alike. … Checkout our Seller Education Hub for more tips and tricks to sell in Shopee.

How can I recover my Shopee account?

InformationStep 1: Click on “Forgot?” in Log in.Step 2: Enter your email address or mobile number and tap “Continue”.Step 3: You will receive a text or email with the verification code. Enter the verification code, tap “Next” or tap the link within the email.Step 4: Enter your new password, and tap “Reset”.

What is Shopee priority seller?

Shopee Priority Lane is a new feature introduced by Shopee in collaborations with Poslaju. Now you will be able to skip the queue and ship your parcel in the shortest time possible by using our dedicated Poslaju Priority Lanes. … Your parcel will be updated within 4 hours after dropping off in such location.