Question: What Is A Soup Song?

Who sang Why This Kolaveri Di?

DhanushWhy This Kolaveri Di/Artists.

What is a Soupsong?

Noun. soupçon (plural soupçons) A very small amount; a hint; a trace, slight idea; an inkling.

Why this Kolaveri Di is from which movie?

3Why This Kolaveri Di/Movie

What is the story of 3 movie?

Ram and Janani are high school sweethearts who eventually get married. However, Janani is mystified when Ram commits suicide all of a sudden and she tries to find out the truth behind his death.3/Film synopsis

Why does tho mean?

why though”y tho” is slang for “why though” it means you’re asking someone why something will happen / is happening / or already happened. A: “I quit school.” B: “y tho? (

What does Kolaveri Di mean?

murderous rageKolaveri, which means murderous rage, is now popular even in other parts of the country, thanks to the peppy song ‘Why this kolaveri di? ‘ from upcoming Tamil flick ‘3’. … The slang has been used by the makers of ‘3’ to depict the anguish of a person who has just tasted rejection from the hands of a girl whom he liked.

What is the meaning of speck?

noun. a small spot differing in color or substance from that of the surface or material upon which it appears or lies: Specks of soot on the window sill. a very little bit or particle: We haven’t a speck of sugar. something appearing small by comparison or by reason of distance: By then the town was just a speck.

What does lack of decorum mean?

Decorum is proper and polite behavior. If you let out a big belch at a fancy dinner party, you’re not showing much decorum. This noun is from Latin decōrus “proper, becoming, handsome,” from décor “beauty, grace,” which is also the source of English décor.

Why Kolaveri Di became famous?

Within days, Kolaveri Di song became India’s most-searched YouTube video ever, the first Tamil film song to play on MTV India and national radio stations and now entire articles are being written in Indian and international press. So much so that veteran Hindi actor Amitabh Bachchan also went gaga over the song.

How did Kolaveri Di go viral?

The social media explosion supposedly started when a rough version of the song was leaked on YouTube and became an Internet phenomenon in just a few days. … His tweet, which read “Kolaveri song from 3 again uploaded in YouTube, pls inform Dhanush”, suggested it was not the first time such a leak had taken place.

How much is a modicum?

If you want to describe a small amount of something, try modicum. If you have a modicum of interest in something, you are a little bit interested. Modicum comes from the Latin modicus, for moderate, and modus, for measure.

What is modicum mean?

noun. a moderate or small amount: He hasn’t even a modicum of common sense.

What is the meaning of sous?

Origin. From French sous ‘under’. Word of the day. callipygian. / ˌkalɪˈpɪdʒɪən /

What is the opposite of sous in French?

The word sous is a French prefix often used in occupational titles, such as ‘sous-chef. ‘ There are no categorical antonyms for this word.

What is murderous rage?

A person who’s murderous is cruel and violent enough to kill someone. If you are experiencing a murderous rage, it’s best to stay inside and away from the public. A murderer, someone who kills deliberately, can be described as murderous.