Question: How Do I Put PDFs Onto My Kindle?

How do I send a Word document to my Kindle?

Click “Computer” in the Windows Start menu, and then double-click on the icon representing the Kindle hard drive.

Drag and drop your Microsoft Word document to the Documents folder on your Kindle.

The document will now appear in the Kindle library interface..

Can I put a PDF on my Kindle?

Yes you can, and it’s really easy. The simplest method, and this works on Windows, Mac OS and Linux PCs, is to connect the Kindle to the computer using a USB cable. … All you have to do is drag and drop or copy and paste your pdf file into the Kindle’s Documents folder and it appears as an item on the Home page.

How do I put a PDF on my Kindle Paperwhite?

You can do this within your file browser by opening the Kindle icon/folder and then navigating to the “documents” folder. Drag and drop the PDF file from the original location to the Kindle “documents” folder. If you have an older Kindle, you can still read the text from PDFs on your e-Reader — after you convert them.

How do I transfer a PDF from my iPhone to my Kindle?

Transfer articles to Kindle with the Kindle app Step One: Install the Kindle app on your iPhone or iPad. Step Two: In Safari, tap the share arrow and pick “Send to Kindle from the options. Step Three: Enjoy the rest of the day.

How do I download Kindle books to my iPhone?

How to download your Kindle Library books in the Kindle appLaunch the Kindle app on your iPhone or iPad.Tap Library to see all of the e-books in your Amazon library.Tap the book you wish to download onto your device. … When it’s finished downloading (it will have a checkmark next to it), tap the book to open it.More items…•

How do I load books onto my Kindle?

The easiest way to put books on your Kindle is to do it via email. To get your Kindle’s email address, go to using your PC’s Web browser. Tap on “Your Devices,” then choose the relevant Kindle from the gallery below. Next to “Email,” you’ll find the Kindle’s email address.

How do I retrieve books sent to my Kindle email?

Go to Amazon’s Manage Your Kindle Web page and log in to your account. Click the “Personal Document Settings” in the left menu. Record the email address ending in “” listed beside your Kindle device. This is the email you send documents to.

What file type does kindle use?

MOBI formatKindle supports Amazon’s proprietary format, AZW, as well as the similar MOBI format. If you have an EPUB file that you want to read on a Kindle, the simplest way is to convert it to MOBI, and there are several programs that will allow you to do this.

How do I convert PDF files to Kindle for free?

Create an email (using your approved email account) and attach your PDF file. Type “Convert” in the subject line….Share All sharing options for: How to convert a PDF file for your KindleGo to the Preferences tab on Amazon’s Manage Your Content and Devices page.Scroll down to and click on “Personal Document Settings”More items…•

How do I send documents to my Kindle?

To send documents with Send to Kindle using the print menu on your computer:While viewing your file, select Print from the File menu, and then select Send to Kindle from the list of installed printers.Click Print, and then select the device you’d like to send the file to. … Click Send.