Is Ruby From On My Block Puerto Rican?

Who is Lil Ricky on my block?

Lil Ricky is a character in “On My Block”.

He is the founder of the Santos Gang..

Are Sierra and Diego from on my block dating?

Sadly, the dynamic duo isn’t hooking up in real life, but the co-stars do have a lot of (platonic) love and respect for each other. “Sierra is such a great actress. Working with her, instantly we can just jump into it,” Diego told Teen Vogue of the 21-year-old.

What ethnicity is Ruby from on my block?

MexicanRuby Martinez is a 14-15-year-old high school student. He is of Mexican descent and has brown hair and tanned skin color.

Is Monse from on my block Hispanic?

Character Description Monse is a headstrong, bossy girl of Afro-Latina descent. She was raised by her single father.

Is Cesar from on my block Mexican?

Diego was born in Anaheim, California. He is of Colombian, Mexican and Ecuadorian descent.

How old is spooky?

Spooky is around 19-20 years old and many people are scared of him, hence the nickname Spooky.

Who does Ruby date in on my block?

Ruby fell in love with her the moment he saw her. Olivia was into Ruby’s best friend Cesar before realizing Ruby’s feelings for her and she had feelings for him. In Chapter 10 of Season 1, Olivia finally kisses Ruby.

How old is Ruby from on my block 2020?

23Jason Genao (Ruby): Age 23.

Why did Monses mom leave her on my block?

She abandoned Monse because she didn’t want a black child. In Chapter Twenty-Five in Season Three, it is revealed by Bryan that she died by suicide.

How did Ruby die on my block?

Netflix’s On My Block has always ended its seasons on crazy cliffhangers. In Season 1, a shooting left Ruby unconscious from a gunshot wound and in mortal peril. In Season 2, all four of our heroes were abducted after finding and laundering the RollerWorld money.

How old is Rudy from on my block?

22Jason Genao plays Ruby Martinez. The 22-year-old Dominican-born American actor is probably most known for his role as Napoleon in Netflix’s “The Get Down”.

Is Olivia from on my block Hispanic?

The Ronni Hawk controversy was not just solely about the fact that she had pro-Trump tweets. She was also a white woman playing a Latina character. At one part during Season 1, Olivia breaks out into Spanish, and the internet is collectively confused because it is clear she is not a Spanish speaker.

Is Ruby from on my block Hispanic?

Jason Genao as Ruben “Ruby” Martinez Jr., a smart-aleck math whiz of Mexican descent often serving as the group’s conscience.

Is Ruby from on my block a boy or girl?

Jason Genao (born July 3, 1996) is an American actor. He portrays Ruby Martinez on On My Block.